GST Business API

What are the GST Business APIs?

The GST Business APIs allow the users to manage their Quicko GST Account. Through these APIs, the User can add, delete and modify the following in the Quicko Account:

  1. Business Details
    Using the business APIs you can create a business and add items, generate invoices, add contacts, and maintain data in a GST compliant format.
    You can create multiple businesses.

  2. Items Details
    All registered taxable persons when supplies any taxable goods or services under GST or items is required to issue an invoice. These APIs help create and manage items of your business and add these items directly to your invoice.

  3. Dealers Details
    Dealer is any person under GST, registered or unregistered which act as supplier or purchaser to your business. These API helps you to manage your dealers in business, so you can add details of dealer in your invoice and easily share invoices.

  4. Invoices Details
    When a registered taxable person supplies taxable goods or services, a GST invoice is issued. To issue and receive a GST-compliant invoice is a prerequisite to claim ITC. If a taxpayer does not issue such an invoice to his customer - who is a registered taxable person, his customer loses the ITC claim and the taxpayer loses its customers. These APIs help you create, update, delete and share invoices.


API Endpoint

Why use GST Business API?

The details mentioned above and their corresponding APIs allow users to store data necessary for GST compliance. The stored data allows the automatic creation of documents necessary to file GST Returns through the Sandbox GST Compliance APIs.