OAuth- Resource Based

The redirection-based workflow starts by navigating to the public Quicko OAuth login endpoint.



You must enable and configure OAuth options under API key's settings on the dashboard in order to use the workflow.


  1. Navigate to the Quicko OAuth login page with the api_key
  2. A successful login comes back with a request_token to the registered redirect URL
  3. POST the request_token to /oauth/authorize
  4. Obtain the access_token and use that with all subsequent requests


An optional redirect_url param can be appended to the Quicko OAuth login endpoint, which will be used to navigate the user after a successful login attempt. Redirect URL request parameter must be Base64 encoded, eg: https://quicko.com will used like https://oauth.quicko.com/login?api_key={api_key}&redirect_url=aHR0cHM6Ly9xdWlja28uY29t

Important Links

API Endpoint

HTTP MethodResourceDescription
GET/oauth/authorize?request_token={{request_token}}Requires Request Token

How to use this workflow? (Navigate to Quicko)

Use this workflow to redirect OAuth authenticated resource owner to Quicko as an authenticated user.

Quicko uses Resource Owners' access token to reauthorize & re-issue access token with accounts.quicko.com as an audience.


Redirect URL


URL request parameter must be Base64 encoded eg:

URL examples

Various URL construction examples are explained below: