GST Business APIs - Entities

The following are the different entities of the GST Business API

Business Entity

The various properties are explained below:

bank_accountsarrayList of bank accounts​

Billing address​

display_namestringDisplay name of the business
gstinstringGSTIN in case the business is registered
idhex(32)Unique business identifier
namestringLegal name of the business
nature_of_businessstringNature of business. Possible values: Trader, Manufacturer and Restaurant Services
registeredbooleanWhether the business is registered
schemestringScheme type: Regular, Composite
shipping_addressobjectShipping address​
supporting_documentsarrayList of documents​

Items Entity

The various properties are explained below:

cessbigdecimalCess amount of item
cess_ratebigdecimalCess rate percent
codestringHSN/SAC code
descriptionstringDescription of item
discountbigdecimalDiscount amount of item
discount_ratebigdecimalDiscount rate percent
display_namestringDisplay name of item
gst_ratebigdecimalGST rate percent
idhex(32)Unique item identifier
is_exemptbooleanWhether item is exempt from GST
is_rate_inclusive_of_taxbooleanCheck if rate is inclusive of tax
item_typestringType of item. Possible value: Goodsand Services
notesstringAdditional notes on item
purchase_pricebigdecimalPurchase amount of item
quantitybigdecimalQuantity of item
sale_pricebigdecimalSale price of item
sku_codestringSKU code of item
unitstringUnit of item

Dealers Entity

The various properties are explained below:

billing_addressobjectBilling address
display_namestringDisplay name of dealer
gstinstringGSTIN of dealer
idhex(32)Unique dealer identifier
namestringName of dealer
notesstringAdditional notes
registeredbooleanWhether the dealer is GST registered or not
schemestringDealer's registered business scheme. Possible values: Compositionand Regular

Invoices Entity

The various properties are explained below:

balancebigdecimalCurrent balance
bank_accountobjectBank account
discountbigdecimalDiscout amount
document_typestringType of document. Possible values: Bill of Supply and Invoice
due_datedateDue date of payment
idhex(32)Unique invoice identifier
invoice_datedateDate of invoice generation
invoice_numberstringInvoice number
is_cancelledbooleanWhether invoice is cacelled or not
is_uploadedbooleanWhether invoice is uploaded or not
is_round_offbooleanWhether invoice is round of or not
itemsarrayList of items
notestringAdditional notes on invoice
original_invoice_numberstringOriginal invoice number
payment_statusstringPayment status. Possible values: Paid, Partial, Overdue and Unpaid
purchaserobjectPurchaser dealer
reference_numberstringReference number
statusstringDocument status. Possible values: Deleted, Opened, Sent and Unsent
subtotalbigdecimalSubtotal amount
supplierobjectSupplier dealer
supporting_documentsarrayList of documents
taxable_valuebigdecimalTaxable value
terms_and_conditionsstringTerms and conditions on invoice
totalbigdecimalTotal amount in invoice
transaction_typestringType of transaction. Possible values: Purchase and Sale

Tax Invoice Entity

The additional properties excluding properties of it's supertype "Invoice" are explained below:

cessbigdecimalCess amount
cgstbigdecimalCGST amount
gstbigdecimalGST amount
igstbigdecimalIGST amount
is_reverse_chargebooleanWhether invoice is reverse charged
sgstbigdecimalSGST amount